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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 24, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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high clouds across pennsylvania. relief starts to come tomorrow. visibility down a little bit. high moisture in the air. gaithersburg quarter mile. andrews zero with the fog. there's going to be patchy dense fog the next couple of hours. they are going to top off 92 to 97. 90 by noon. 93 for the drive home record heat. good morning, angie. happy friday, everybody. we are going to begin, unfortunately with bad news. we have some issues out there. kensington, 185 connecticut avenue and knolls avenue an accident is there. if you are traveling 66 eastbound it is smooth sailing. lanes are wide open out of manassas. as we continue to 395, so far so good from 95 past seminary making the way to the 18th street bridge. take you to the beltway in
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maryland where we have no complaints here north of the district from 95 to 270. an speaking of 270 southbound, going to find the lanes wide open from 109 to the split. back to you. >> thank you, angie. flames ripped through a neighborhood forcing families our of their homes. it happened last night in manassas, virginia. this fire spread quickly between close-together homes in the 8300 block of tillotts loop. kristin fisher is joining us with more. >> the fire is out but the families are feeling the affects of this massive fire. three homes were destroyed t. eight more damaged. and the families that were living inside are being housed by the red cross. started around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. that's this when the fire broke out. neighbors heard a loud bang and saw two houses engulfed in flames an then the flames
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spread to eight houses total. neighbors said it looked like dominoes falling. the flames were so powerful it carried embers 350-yards away. the plumes of smoke so thick and heavy that many driving to manassas after work thought that a plane had crashed nearby. >> i saw five plumes separate. and i thought, man i hope -- i know the airport is there and everything. we have great security here. >> reporter: incredibly no one was inside the homes when the fire broke out. a few people did go to the hospital for smoke inhalation. but for the most part everyone is fine. sadly several pets, cats and dogs were trapped inside one of the homes. all of them were killed. i'm not sure if you can see exactly what the neighborhood looks like because it is so dark, but a lot of these homes
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are very close together and firefighters say that that is one of the big problems in battling the blaze. the fire was able to jump and spread quickly from home to home and i will have an interview with one of the firefighters on the scene talking about what you can do to prevent your home from catching on fire if you find yourself in a similar situation. scary stuff. >> very scary, kristin. thank you for the update. authorities identified the victims from another deadly fire. this one in lorton, virginia. relatives say power to the home had been recently shut off and think a lit candle may have started the fire. the mother made her 6-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter jump to safety and she dropped her 2-month-old daughter down to a friend but she couldn't save two of her sons, ages 5 and 3 or herself. the state of virginia putter reese is a lewis to death last nigh. the 41-year-old died by lethal
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injection last night. she wes the first woman executed in virginia since 1912. she arranged the murders of her husband an stepson in hopes of welcoming their insurance policy. the man coined the preppy burglar is behind bars this morning after seeing home surveillance robber on tv, someone called with a tip which led to his arrest. he was pick pd up yesterday at his home. he faces several charges including burglary. the meeting between the man expected to be dc's next mayor and the school's chancellor is over. michelle rhee didn't offer to resign yesterday and vincent gray didn't ask her to step down. unless rhee decides to leave it appears she will be in place through them enof the year working for fenty and in to next year possibly after gray takes office, assuming he wins
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the november general election. >> a program is directed by the man who won an oscar for an inconvenient truth. five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle has a me view of the day ahead on wall street. good morning. investors would like to hear good news about the economy today. whether or not that happens -- it could come in the form of new home sales or sales of big ticket items but we will have to see if that will help the action from the jobless claims.
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citibank wants to create a warmer friendlier feel at its branchesful so the company plans to close all of the locations early on saturday so it can train employees our though make an emotional west can customers. wal-mart had a trouble making a connection with credit card companies yesterday. a 90 minute data outage for customers. wal-mart is not speculating how much money it lost due to the outage but customers were able to pay by cash or check. >> wow, that's a big hit. >> can you imagine? who carries cash, enough to cover their purchases now days. >> oh my goodness. speaking of cash, you are saving us money in the next half hour. life long learners, we will get you more education that you can enjoy and use.
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>> we like the word free. >> yep. the federal emergency management agency, fema, announced will pay dc $2.3 million to cover the cost of the storms last december and february. it brings the reimbursement to $5 million. an audit revealed hundreds of millions of dollars in the department of virginia transportation coffers and the money will spent to improve virginians commute. >> traveling an the state the last eight months there is not a clear message i get from citizens is reduce government spending, spend the money we give you better. we need you to make the money go farther. we are doing it in our families and business and you darn better sure do it in government. it will go to transportation projects over the next year. while mcdon't nil, a republican
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faulted his predecessor for letting the funds languish, tim kaine says his spending reductions helped to make sure vdot had cash on hand to do the six year plan. the president of the nationals is resigning. we will have more on what the leaves behind. and a much improved report about the safety culture at metro. these stories and more when 9 news now returns. we'll be right back.
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the u.s. delegation walked out of the united nations general assembly. mahmoud ahmadinejad suggested that americans were behind the 9/11 attack to ensure israel's
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survival. debra hurstman testified on captiol hill on thursday about changes made since the deadly red line crash. unlike her testimony two month ago, she said that metro is making progress implementing ntsb recommendations. the republican party has a new platform to complain on this morning. gop leaders revealed their new goals in sterling, virginia. their plan calls for cutting $100 billion from government programs, excluding the million. bush-era tax cuts wood remain and president obama's health care plan would be repealed. plus, some huge rainfall totals lead to serious flooding in the upper midwest. here's howard. with our drought conditions and record heat we could use rain. we have changes on the way and a seven-day forecast which at least after today i think most of you will like. the week forecast when 9 news
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now returns. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help.
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people stood in rising floodwater and passed sandbags in minnesota. a half foot of rain fell late wednesday and yesterday. dozens of homes are under water and shelters are taking in evacwees. the governor declared a state of emergency. >> we have been so dry, the
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midwest and the plains have been hammered with rains. >> devils lake, in north dakota, it has no way to drain. whatever comes in to it has to evaporate. it is starting to overflow and there is concern for the surrounding communities and this is a multiyear problem. not just this season and we are hurting. we need some rain. we will get some rain but not until next week. maybe tuesday, wednesday but at least temperatures will cool off after today. the bus stop forecast, it's a warm morning out there. patchy fog thanks to the high humidity and light winds. we will watch for that. 60s and 70s. definitely shorts weather for the kids. 6:56 is the sunrise. some visibilities are low. gaithersburg a quarter mile. andrews air force base, parts of prince georges county, especially away from dc, you have the dense fog there. cambridge a mile and a half. north in frederick, one quarter of a mile and some toward
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culpeper at a mile and a half. we could be having a few issues the next hour. i will warm up quickly. by noon pushing 90. and 93 for the drive home. southwest winds at 10 to 20 miles an hour and those will likely be record highs in many areas as the records from 1970 are 94 washington. 92 cull dulles and t 6 up in martinsburg. we don't have long-term climating to on those. can't say what the records are there but other local records are likely to fall. partly cloudy tonight. a front comes toward morning and cube an isolated shower in the mountains. lows mid-60s to low 70s. 7:02 on the sunset. stray afternoon shower south of washington. well south of washington. highs 85. southern maryland, northern neck a. 73 right now here in town. 66 across the bay in easton. 68 in winchester with the fog.
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gait persburg is 68 and fredericksburg is holding on to 70 degrees. locally a lot of 60s to 70s with fairfax the warm spot at 73 right now. and even columbia they are at 70. it is a warm, muggy morning. 70. winds are calm. nothing is mixed up and that's why the fog is around. high pressure in control here but here comes the front. the showers are going to chicago. check if you are flying out. could be some delays to oshare this morning and the front is on the march. that's a good thing. this warm air is really poured northward ahead of it but the front is coming and that front pushes through during the morning hours tomorrow. so that by afternoon we are good. and by sunday it will be significantly cooler. your seven-day forecast, 95 today. that would be a record. 85 tomorrow. 73, yeah, 73 by sunday with a late shower possible. and then look at monday and tuesday, 75 to 80 with showers and thunder at times. it is now time for traffic.
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here's angie. >> we have a couple of tieups to avoid early on this friday. we begin in kensington, maryland. connecticut and knolls is where we have the first accident. notice nearby we do have another accident in college park. let you know about this at lake land road. this is involving a motorcycle. take it to 95 northbound in virginia. so far so good. going to find lanes wide open out of fredericksburg all the way to the springfield interchange. 66 eastbound, you are all clear, too. here's your live shot out here through centreville to inside the beltway. we're going to skip that and take it over to maryland. 270 southbound, looks like construction cleared from 121 to the split. and finally we will go ahead an wrap it up with 95 and the bw parkway. nice and green out of baltimore past 98 down to powder mill. andrea, that's the latest. in the morning's living
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well headlines, disabilities advocates are applauding congress for passing legislation legislation that eliminates the term mental retardation from federal laws. the term to be used is intellectual disability. it is now awaiting president obama's signature. congress has also opened hearings on the protecting student athletes from concussions act. 400,000 concussions are reported every year and the danger of this brain injury has been underestimated. virginia has a law requiring student athletes with a suspect concussion to be held out pending a doctor's okay. and. on wednesday, abbott laboratories recalled 5 million units of the similac baby formula. beetles were found in cans in a
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michigan plant. they insist it poses no serious health risk. still babies who drink it could develop die jess ty discomfort. >> they shouldn't worry that much but since it is a voluntarily recall, they should stop giving the products to their children. >> reporter: abbott industries says recalled products should be returned to the company for a full refund. consumers can see if their products are affected by calling 800-896-8850. the man in charge of shaping the nationals calls it quits. plus, a remember of the -- a member of the redskins says he is ready to return this sunday. let's see who is celebrating a birthday this friday, the 24th. -- "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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good morning. we'd like you to build a company to compete with 29 other companies but you condition spend as much as others. casten announced his resignation of the nats effective the end of the year. a tenure that rebill the infrastructure and improved the roster through free agency and the draft. despite often impossible handicaps. the team and skipper reacted last night. >> basically said it was a decision that he has made, personal decision that he's come to the conclusion that it's -- he's going to walk away from this. he was committed to five years, and that's what he did. and my reaction to it is, i hate to see it. >> nats and astros on thursday afternoon, ryan zimmerman out with trained ribs but morse was feeling fine with a home run on wednesday and did it again on
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thursday. 13th of the year. tied at one. morse up again and he drills it down the line. espinosa scores and desmond scores from first and nats win 7-2. improvements for the redskins on the injury front. haynesworth practiced on thursday and should be good for sunday. williams did not practice yesterday, but says his knee and toe are improving and he hopes to return today. starting safety moore who missed the first two games of the season following knee surgery say he is 100% healthy and set to return against the rams. given the eggs they laid last sunday, not too soon. how long have you been dreaming about the comeback? >> all day and night. it has been killing me. i want to gout and play and get back with the guys. >> he has a feel for coverages and when to break. you have it back there or you don't. he is a play maker.
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>> reporter: we need player makers. have a great friday, everybody. an effort is underway to get more people to buy foreclosured homes. and plus, former president clinton gets billions in donations to tackle problems around the world. and we will have a live report from the northern virginia neighborhood that's been december nateed by a fast -- decimated by a fast-moving fire. here's angie with an update. >> no problems on the dulles toll road past reston, herndon, tysons corner, virginia. we will have more traffic an the weekend weather with
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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some of the nascar drivers stopped at walter reed yesterday. they stopped to thank recovering troops for their service an sacrifice. we thank them, as well.
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welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us this friday morning. we love saying that word. angie goff is here. she will have the traffic in just a moment. howard bernstein is starting off with record breaking heat maybe. >> some record breaking heat this afternoon an some fog this morning and that's a sign of how sticky and muggy it is. feels like the middle of july opposed to late september. october starts next friday, no, next saturday. yellow indicates where the visibilities have dropped. quarter mile in baltimore an gaithersburg. zero in andrews. mile and three quarters from manassas to culpeper, and even in frederick. so we have some issues this morning. as the temperatures are in the 80s and low 70s. look at the forecast highs for today. upper 80s at the naval academy. that sounds good. those will be records.
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5:30. here's angie. happy friday to you. new traffic alert to tell you about and it comes to us from southeast dc. minnesota and m place. watch for police activity. avoid the area. take you to 66 eastbound. the trip is looking nice out of centreville to inside in the beltway. as we continue to 395 northbound, no problems to report here. everyone is zipping by past duke street and fine toe bridge. 495 in maryland, lanes are open on both loops between route 50 toward 95 and beyond. back to you. new this morning, dc and prince georges county police are searching for at least one more carjacking suspect after a shootout in southeast washington. officers first responded to a rot of a carjacking in the 4700 block of silver hill road in suitland, maryland. units followed two suspects in to southeast washington where
5:31 am
police say they fired on the pursuing officers near 38st and g streets. the officers returned fire and took the suspects in to custody but police say at least one more suspect was in the car jacked vehicle which is a described as a four door, burgundy avalon with maryland tags. flames ripped through a neighborhood forcing families our of their homes. it happened last night in manassas, virginia. the fire spread quickly between close together homes in the 8300 block of ti llo, to tt loop. kristin fisher has more. >> this fire started more than 84 hours ago. firefighters had contained it by 8:00 or 9:00 last night. but just about 15 minutes ago, two firefighters got to work. they broke out the hoses again and tried to put out more hot spots that had just popped up just behind me.
5:32 am
they have actually just stopped working, but they were out there trying to contain a bit more hot spots but the bulk of the fire is out. they are trying to determine what caused the fire. they say it all started 3:00 yesterday afternoon. neighbors say they heard a loud bang and then saw two homes quickly engulf in flames and then they spread to a third house, fourth house. in total three homes were destroyed, eight more damaged. incredibly no one was inside of the homes when the fire broke out. a few people went to the hospital for smoke inhalation. for the most part everyone is fine. sadly, several pets, cats and dogs were trapped in the homes. firefighters say they faced several challenges in battling the blaze. one of the biggest is the fact the homes are so close together. take a listen to what this one firefighter had to say. >> the rate of flames spread in homes when they are this close is a concern to us.
5:33 am
an we attempt to provide coverage as best we can. unfortunately, when you look at the lightweight construction it presents a unique challenge for us. >> reporter: in some places in this neighborhood, if you stand in between the two homes and but your arms out you could almost touch the two houses. if you are on the balconies, two neighbors could reach out and shake each other's hands. so many neighbors in this area last night spent several hours actually watering their lawns, trying to keep all the ember from the fire from catching on fire and then engulfing their homes in flames. one homeowner who had spent four hours watering his lawn, his home a little bush outside of his home actually caught fire even after he had spent all of that time watering his lawn. it goes to show you how powerful the fire was and what you can do if you find yourself in a similar situation. >> thank you. jury deliberations are underway in the trial of an
5:34 am
accused drunk driver charged with killing l.a. angels pitcher nick adenhart he was from washington county, maryland he and two friends died after a collision. gallo was charged with murder because of a previous dui conviction. prosecutors say his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. attorneys have reached the settlement in a lawsuit over the 2008 fatal crash on the bay bridge. john short drove his tractor- trailer in to the bay after he swerved to avoid hitting candy baldwin's oncoming car. his family agreed to a $100,000 settlement. baldwin was only charged with traffic offenses. police say the 19-year-old's blood alcohol level was .023, too low to press criminal charges. a teenager faces charges in the shooting death of a catholic school student.
5:35 am
it happened in the petworth neighborhood. emergency crews took the boy to the hospital where he later died. police arrested foreman this week and decided to charge him as an adult. more than 1300 of the world's most influential people have gathered in new york. they are attending the annual meeting of the clinton global initiative. the organization, founded by former president clinton, has raised billions of dollars to improve education, human rights and economic development. >> every one of us who has any energy, any abilitity, and half of a brain has a responsibility to the next generation. >> reporter: the clinton global initiative has raised more than $60 billion since it was established five years ago and donations have funded projects in 170 countries. ten days after the primary election, there is now a republican candidate in more's
5:36 am
eight district congressional race. montgomery county attorney bruce stern conceded to republicville businessman michael phillips last night. he trailed by a 1 votes and hoped that absent see tee ballots would put him in the lead. he will take on van holland in the november election. jessica doyle is back with more on the iphone 4, verizon customers? >> bad news. >> oh, well. >> no sign that the iphone is coming anytime soon for the verizon customers. like you, and ya, sorry. the company's ceo said he would love to carry the phone but there is no time line yet. verizon is working on a high speed network the 4 g and hopes to bring a phone for the 4 g network. a recent study found one in five iphone users say they would switch from at&t if verizon got the iphone in the beginning of next year.
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we will have to see when it comes out. fannie mae wants to sell the houses it has taken over due to foreclosures so if you buy a house that they are holding by december 31st it will give you 3 1/2% of the selling price back for closing costs or a home warranty and agents and brokers can get a $1,500 bonus. time for the money saver. this morning we are getting you a free education. schools like johns hopkins and mit are posting materials on their website. you are not going to get credit but you can learn something new. check out itunes u. it has 250,000 free lectures and videos from 600 universities around the world. for more money saving advice, check out my blog the, follow me on twitter and i'd like to be your friend on facebook. i like to get lectures on dvd that you can listen to in the car and now you can get them free because some can be
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expensive. a problem at the international space station puts homecoming plans for three astronauts on hold. we'll be right back. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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in the news now, 50s pop star eddie fisher has died. his relationships overshadowed his singing career. he divorced his first wife to marry their best friend, elizabeth taylor to have her leave him for richard burton and he married three times after that. he died at his home from complications of hip surgery. he was 82 years old. a nasa astronaut and two russian cosmonauts are stuck in space this morning. clamps on the docking port failed to open so the soyuz capsule cannot undock.
5:41 am
no problem when the problem maybe able to be fixed. a new safety study finds a surprising rabel despairty among motorcycle crash deaths. that story is coming up. plus, they may annoy you at home, but stink bugs could cause serious problems for mid- atlantic farmers. here's howard. a muggy morning on the weather terrace. in some cases a foggy morning. it will lead to a record- setting day. we will talk about that and the weekend is coming up. 9 news now is returning with the forecast after ♪
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at a community farm. the pests are making crops in-- inedible. losses are at 15% and the farm is december pray for a natural remedy to get rid of the stink bugs. >> we are a certified organic farm and that means we don't spray chemical based pesticides or herbicides. we are making it through this year but next year could be very problematic. >> they employ developmentally disabled workers and hopes to not have to lay them off if the stink bugs cause more damage next season. congress has been asked for $3 million to find a way to combat the problem. and we heard from one viewer that dish soap and water could be one thing an organic farm maybe interested in using to get rid of them. >> not going to use pesticides. no natural predators and other than sealing up your house,
5:46 am
they are outside, big problem for those folks. >> you were talking about fog. >> that's right. queen anne county schools are opening 90 minutes late with no morning pre-k due to the fog. that's the problem in a few areas. the sun is not up until 7:00 now. one thing about the weekend, that is looking good. for folks at shady grove universities, happy tenth to you. they have a celebration from 10:00 to 2:00 tomorrow. weather will be fine for that. same with the terps game. the bus stop forecast, it is a warm morning with patchy dense fog in spots. the muggies with 60s and 70s. sunrise not until 6:56. 90 minutes or so for the fog to get thicker than it is and a quarter mile at andrews, cambridge, gaithersburg and baltimore. visibility is dropping a it will toll the west from culpeper to manassas. holding on to five mile an hour visibility here in washington.
5:47 am
and even in oakland they are in good shape. going up to westminster, new york, philly, fog that way, as well. looking at the day at a glance. hot one by noon, 90. the average high 77. we will be better than that at 9:00. and highs today 92 to 97. those are record breakers. 94 national. 92 dulles. those records 40 years old. may see a shower late tonight, tomorrow morning as the front approaches. southwest winds at five to ten and saturday, partly to mostly sunny, not as warm. stray shower south. most of us will be dry. highs of 85 and a west wind at 10 to 15. today's winds could gust to 20. if you go to cleveland, 77 degrees. they are ahead of a front. that's moving in this direction. look at the warm air we have got. 73 in town. 72 southern maryland. in the 60s from culpeper to luray to oak land in the mid-
5:48 am
60s and locally we have 73 in fairfax. 70 columbia. watch for that spotty fog in our suburbs. right now 73 at national. feeling like 73. dew point 70 with humidity at 90% an the front we are watching is back here with all the showers and storms pushing to chicago and solution. it will be arriving tomorrow but looks like it won't bring much in the way of rain chances until next week as the low rides up. matthew is a tropical storm, may get to nicaragua and honduras and the yucatan in the next couple of days. nothing watch. 95 today. 85 tomorrow. i will be at the terps game with the sun screen on and monday and tuesday, maybe much- needed rain. >> sun burn in september. this doesn't seem right. police activity going on. you want to avoid the area. minnesota avenue anywhere near
5:49 am
m place. moving outside, virginia, 66 eastbound. no incidents or accidents out this way. all lanes are wide open from manassas to fairfax to inside the beltway. 395, we are watching a little volume pick up around duke street. overall so far so good toward seminary. 270 southbound, starting to stack up quite a bit here approaching 109. the congestion is lasting to germantown road. the inner and outer loop in more. that's how we will wrap it up. switch the camera out and show you the things are felting out between 95 and georgia avenue. overall drivers are moving at speed. andrea, over to you. >> thank you. we have another commuter alert for you this morning. crews will close lanes and exit ramps as part of the wilson bridge project. they start tonight at the telegraph road interchanges. the ramp from telegraph road north to the inner loop will be
5:50 am
closed. the outer loop knot an south will be closed. the ramp from the inner loop to telegraph road north and pershing avenue will be closed and parts of telegraph road will be narrowed to one lain. the work should be completed an new ramps open by noon tomorrow. a new study shows the death rate among black motorcyclists is much higher than any orgroup. according to the johns hopkins study, black motorcyclists are 1.5 times more likely to die in a traffic crash, even throw they are 30% more likely to wear helmets. via skype, 9 news now spoke to one of the authors of the study. >> it may be true that black riders are more commonly using -- wearing helmets but they are still likely to die. >> they want to get the fastest bike and get out here and if
5:51 am
they don't know how to ride the bike the bike rides them. >> motorcycle fatalities are dropping nationwide. deaths down 88% last year. dc delegate eleanor holmes norton talks about fund-raising voice mails making rounds on the internet. that story is coming up. we will preview the weekend's new movie. here's jessica. who wants a great deal on a fall vacation? coming up, we will tell you the best places to get a bargain right now. you are watching 9 news now. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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china, they're busy building wind farms and expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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powerful city in the nation. giorgio gucci at age 83 visited the u.s. for the first time them grandson of the famous founder was on captiol hill to talk about the impact of the black market on the economy. he was part of a panel of experts who are pushing congress for a stronger law. >> something that appeals to us all, and it's really important that that, along with all other intellectual property gets the legislation, regulation, and structural support. >> unfortunate fashion note, though. gucci wearing a joseph a banks suit he had to scramble to get after u.s. air lost his luggage. ouch. when it comes to getting attention to a big issue, this unique expression was a bust and a boost at the same time. all eyes were on raising breast
5:56 am
cancer awareness at full cups of hope, a bra art exhibition. success in the city and the tiger lily foundation made a call for submissions of decorated brassieres. held at the center for innovative technology in herndon the bra industry honored lives touched an lost by breast cancer. visit my blog at oh my to send in your pictures and videos and you can send a story idea to me on facebook and twitter. dc's congressional candidate is fighting a political brushfire this week that ignited after someone leaked a voice mail from eleanor holmes norton in which she asked for financial contributions from an unnamed lobbyist. >> this is eleanor holmes norton, council woman eleanor holmes norton. >> miss norton, can you stop
5:57 am
and help us, please. >> reporters have been chasing her since the conservative website posted one of her fund- raising calls on-line. >> i was frankly surprised to see that we don't have a record, as far as i can tell of your having given to me. >> can you stop on the way out, ma'am? >> i'm simply candidly calling to ask for a contribution. >> we have been seen you on camera since this happened. can you stop for just a moment. [ inaudible ] the statement says she fully complied with legal and ethical requirements. >> we checked with council and they have confirmed -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: to be completely fair though cock woman we didn't want to leave it with the image of her racing away
5:58 am
and phoned a few minutes lair to give her a third opportunity to talk in substance about the call. when we reached her she had second thoughts and her staff was trying to reach us to arrange a meeting on captiol hill. >> i was calling to people who hadn't given to me. that is done on both sides of the aisle all over the congress. >> it comes during a furious fight for control. republican announcing their strategy. >> with this pledge, republicans will say the american dream. >> you raise yourself and you raise to keep the majority, in our case, keeping the majority is more important for the district than any other district because we get hammered so badly. >> reporter: who are you talking to? >> i don't know. they didn't give me the courtesy but not someone i
5:59 am
knew. >> reporter: how many calls do you make in a week like that? >> i wish i knew. too many. i have no idea. >> reporter: because there were so many she doesn't know who tried tome bars her by posting the call. noor on the insists she has not done anything illegal and as far as we know no one is formally alleges that she did. >> and you are watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with our forecast. it doesn't feel like fall. i can tell you that. >> except the length of the night time it feels like mid july. humid, muggy conditions. record heat later on and then much cooler weather by sunday. so a lot going on. yellow areas where the visibilities have come down, a quarter mile at andrews air force base, a mile in frederick. one eighth in baltimore. could be delays there. check


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